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Virtual University Short Notes / Handouts of Various Subjects: Download

Virtual University Short Notes / Handouts of Various Subjects: Download


Fundamentals of Auditing (ACC311)

Business Finance (ACC501)

Basic I-Biology (BIO101)

Basic II-Chemistry (BIO102)

Essentials of Genetics (BIO301)

Introduction To Programming

Database Management Systems (BIT703)

Computer Network (BIT710)

Software Project Management (BIT715)

Banking Laws & Practices

Consumer Banking

Management of Financial Institutions

Introduction to Computing

Data Structures

Digital Logic Design

Object Oriented Programming

Computer Architecture and Assembly Language

Theory of Automata

Human Computer Interaction

Visual Programming

Advance Computer Architecture

Fundamentals of Algorithms

Software Engineering

Web Design and Development

Information Systems

Modern Programming Languages

Data Communication

Computer Graphics

Operating Systems

Software Engineering II

Compiler Construction

Artificial Intelligence

System Programming

Computer Network

Data Warehousing

Software Project Management (CS615)

Theory of Computation (CS701)

Advanced Algorithms Analysis and Design (CS702)

Advanced Operating Systems (CS703)

Advanced Computer Architecture-II (CS704)

Software Quality Assurance (CS706)

Network Security (CS707)

Software Requirement Engineering (CS708)

Formal Methods for Software Engineering (CS709)

Distributed DBMS (CS712)

Advanced Computer Networks (CS716)

Wireless Networks

Economics (ECO401)

Microeconomics (ECO402)

Macroeconomics (ECO403)

Managerial Economics (ECO404)

Development Economics (ECO501)

Business Econometrics (ECO601)

General Methods of Teaching (EDU301)

Child Development (EDU303)

Addressing problems of learning through technology and pedagogy (EDU654)

Elementary English (ENG001)

English Comprehension (ENG101)

Business and Technical English Writing (ENG201)

Business Communication (ENG301)

Introduction to Literature: Short Story and Poetry (ENG401)

Ethics (for Non-Muslims) (ETH201)

Advanced Financial Accounting (FIN611)

Financial Statement Analysis (FIN621)

Corporate Finance (FIN622)

Taxation Management (FIN623)

Islamic Mode of Financing (FIN624)

Credit & Risk Management (FIN625)

Investment Analysis & Portfolio Management (FIN630)

Managerial Accounting (FIN704)

General Science (GSC101)

Human Relations

Training and Development (HRM617)

Leadership & Team Management

Conflict Management (HRM624)

Change Management

Human Resource Development

Organizational Development

Islamic Studies (ISL201)

E-Commerce (IT430)

Introduction to Mass Communication (MCM101)

Communication skills (MCM301)

Mass Media in Pakistan (MCM304)

Journalistic Writting

Reporting and Sub-Editing

Fundamentals of Public Relations (MCM401)

Globalization of Media

Introduction to Broadcasting

Development Communication (MCM431)

Advertising for Print and Electronic Media (MCM501)

Theories of Communication (MCM511)

Feature & Column Writing (MCM514)

Radio News Reporting & Production (MCM515)

Total Quality Management (original code=MGT510) (MGMT510)

Human Relations

Management Skills

Leadership & Team Management

Change Management

Project Management

Organizational Development

Crisis Management

Knowledge Management

Organizational Development

Financial Accounting (MGT101)

Introduction to Public Administration (MGT111)

Financial Management (MGT201)

Introduction To Business (MGT211)

Principles of Marketing (MGT301)

Financial Accounting – II (MGT401)

Cost & Management Accounting (MGT402)

Managerial Accounting (MGT404)

Money & Banking (MGT411)

Human Resource Management (MGT501)

Organizational Behaviour (MGT502)

Principles of Management (MGT503)

Organization Theory & Design (MGT504)

Total Quality Management (alt. code=MGMT510) (MGT510)

International Business (MGT520)

SME Management (MGT601)

Entrepreneurship (MGT602)

Strategic Management (MGT603)

Management of Financial Institutions

Business Ethics

Business & Labor Law

Corporate Law

Production / Operations Management

Administrative Law and Accountability

Production / Operations Management

Marketing Management

Consumer Behaviour (MKT530)

Customer Relationship Management

Marketing Research (MKT611)

Advertising & Promotion (MKT621)

Brand Management (MKT624)

Services Marketing (MKT625)

International Marketing (MKT630)

Marketing Research (MKT711)

International Marketing (MKT730)

Consumer Behaviour (MKT731)

Elementary Mathematics (MTH001)

Calculus And Analytical Geometry (MTH101)

Discrete Mathematics (MTH202)

Calculus II (MTH301)

Business Mathematics & Statistics (MTH302)

Differential Equations (MTH401)

Linear Algebra (MTH501)

Operations Research (MTH601)

Numerical Analysis (MTH603)

Pakistan Studies (PAK301)

Pakistan Studies (PAK302)

Physics (PHY101)

Circuit Theory (PHY301)

International Relations (PSC201)

Public International Law (PSC401)

Introduction to Psychology (PSY101)

Clinical Psychology (PSY401)

Social Psychology (PSY403)

Educational Psychology

Positive Psychology (PSY409)

Introduction to Sociology (SOC101)

Cultural Anthropology (SOC401)

Statistics and Probability (STA301)

Research Methods (STA630)

Advanced Research Methods (STA730)

Urdu (URD101)


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